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One e-menu by hand, better than a hundred menus on the ground.

Get it... Scan it... Smile

One e-menu by hand, better than a hundred menus on the ground

About Scan Smile

E-menu food ordering system

Our e-menu food ordering system is a comprehensive customized system in the truest sense of the word, it converts the paper menu to an e-menu, which is considered safe for the time being due to COVID 19 which is not over yet, the e-menu can support all types of restaurants and cafes (small – medium – large) In all countries in any language, so we provided QR Code, Website, e-menu app in one system.

Our mission 

Ensuring customer satisfaction with high quality of work is our goal which has already been achieved in our e-menu food ordering system. We have created this e-menu to collect all the features you can imagine, plus the flexibility to add more features that will help you reduce time and increase your sales in one system. 

Our vision

We look with innovation at the practical life, always look ahead. It will be your fate with us because you are what matters to us. In our e-menu food ordering system, we seek to expand and race against time with the last. The equation that will allow us to move forward together on our project is (Shortening time + increasing profit = Scan-Smile)

Our mission 

Our mission is to ensure the comfort of the customer. Quality is our concern that we work for and indeed this was achieved in our product. We created this menu to collect all the features you can imagine, also we’re flexible to add more features that will help you reduce time and increase your sales in one system. 

Our vision

We look with innovation at the practical life, we always look ahead and it will be your fate with us because you are what matters to us. In the menu product, we seek to expand and race against time with the last. This is an equation that will allow us to move forward together on our project. Shortening time + increasing profit = menu.

E-menu features

Financial Schedule

Our diligence and innovation have come to create a financial table that was designed in your dashboard for the restaurant’s or cafe’s branches you might have. 

It shows you the total monthly sales of each branch so you will have detailed information of what is going on in each branch and which is more important in the delivery.

Best Seller Service

In this service, we will benefit from the statistics that we have set up to follow up on the customer’s requests to know the dishes that are highly demanded by customers to create.

a page for the best-selling orders.  In addition, the system will show the emergence of dishes related to the customer’s favorite dish

Unlimited categories

We have no limits! The food ordering system in the e-menu is designed for well-known restaurants to the novices as well. 

You can add an unlimited number of categories, subcategories, and dishes without getting that message (memory is full, no more can be added!). In addition to hiding any dish or showing it in an easy and fast way for any period you want and the system returns it when the period you entered expires.

Orders section

Farewell to the waiters! Now you can request your order while you are in the restaurant through the system. After selecting your order, the invoice will appear for you to know your account and the invoice will be sent to you via email.

Tracking order

Our goal is to increase your sales, customers can request their orders from the e-menu. Once the order is accepted, the customer will receive a confirmation mail with a barcode to track his order easily. As for the admin, you can also track the orders through the dashboard, where we offered a filtration bar to follow up with the orders (Confirm order, Start Cooking, Cooking completed, On the way).

Reservations Department

Restaurant reservations have become easier than ever, as you can book the table you want at the time and date that suits you through the menu system. On the other hand, the system determines the available tables automatically without the intervention of the admin. All you have to do is confirm the reservation of the customer by phone.

Points Section

This feature is shown in detail in the admin dashboard only. Points are added to each customer who uses the mobile app to request his order, the number of points increases with the increase in the number of orders until the customer spends them in the form of cashback, discounts, additional dishes, OR what the restaurant management prefers. The customer can track his points through an item added to the invoice with the total points.

Feedback Section

Now you can receive customers’ comments in the simplest way possible, only the customer chooses if he is satisfied with the service or not and chooses the reasons behind his choice.

Contact us Section

The customer can communicate with the administration through the system. Just visit the “Contact Us” page, write your message and send it. You will reach the responsible admin in the dashboard, through which he/she can communicate with the customer.

Exclusive features

Design for all smart screens

Website design

The e-menu food ordering system offers several templates for web design. All you have is to visit the page settings, choose your template, add your content in any language, and your logo. That’s it. Too easy right?

Tablet design

The menu system is usable by mobile phones and websites and also the design has become usable from tablets as well. This way the design is valid for all smart screens.

Mobile design

In order not to be restricted, we brought you four different menu designs on your mobile device. All you have to do is visit the settings and choose the design that suits you, and you will find the content and logo added automatically.

QR Code e-menu

QR Code e- menu is professionally designed to include features of high quality. We added more than one theme design, you can choose either a full menu design with QR Code or the QR Code design only if you have your website. Once you choose the design, it is converted to PDF ready for printing and immediate use.

SM post design

Always out of the box! Now you can design your social media posts through your e-menu system. Just add your content, logo, and colors. Finished! your design is ready for publishing.

Ads section

A gift from Scan Smile! Now advertises services, dishes, offers, or anything new in your restaurant through the ads center feature. You are not satisfied! You can collect more money from any advertiser who advertises their services on your system.

SEO Optimization

The website and the e-menu app of the e-menu system are highly optimized with SEO in terms of speed, programming language, and so on… to rank faster in the SERP.

Settings features!

Customizable Admin

The e-menu food ordering system is organized and designed to meet the desires of the admin. Therefore, the admin can add, remove, supervise and modify all pages as he wishes

Countries, Time & Currency

As soon as you add the country in which your restaurant’s branch is located, the language, time zone, and currency will switch directly to the local values of the country. You can add countries as you wish.

Dishes Control

The e-menu is easier than the paper menu in terms of use. On paper, if you want to add or remove a new item, you will resort to printing it again, and certainly, this will be financially costly! As for the e-menu.


Add to your restaurant system the languages ​​you want with flexibility and ease. If you have branches in different countries, the system automatically switches the language once the country is selected.

Countless Branches

Usually, a restaurant has a branch, two, or even an international restaurant with many branches around the world. So it makes no sense to buy a comprehensive system for each branch!


Add to the system and to the menu system Tax policies in terms of value-added tax and service percentage, the price of which is added to the customer’s invoice automatically. 

Restaurant Timings

Set the daily restaurant times from morning until evening in order for the customer to reserve his table or order his food on the dates available for the restaurant.

Points Setting

You can adjust the return on points through the admin dashboard. Just by choosing the return as cashback, discounts, a free dish, or anything else suggested by the administration.

Software life-cycle process

We evolve a scientific process software & Apps design that fits in any business model and concept.

Web analytics

Google research



Enjoy your journey with the demo

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Our valuable clients graph

Once you open the admin dashboard, you will find a graph of everything you can imagine! It is the result of what has been accomplished in a period. You will find statistics about, for example (payment methods, total orders per month, profit, feedbacks, notifications….) every gag in the system will be summarized in the statistics.
We have two payment methods! Cash on delivery or online payment, to discover which theory of them is more successful for you, we have created a graph that shows you the percentage of usage of each of them per month. This is a very important piece of information that may help you in your marketing plan.


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Your feedback mean to us a lot

What drives us forward is your feedback, we have the flexibility to modify and learn from your experiences. Check the feedback of our most important customers on the product.


Below you’ll find answers to commonly raised questions. If you’re a new or existing customer, feed your curiosity. Keep asking questions, because, with every answer you find, more questions will arise!

A digital menu is a digital version of a restaurant menu that your guests may access using QR codes. Customers that visit your restaurant may use their smartphone camera to scan QR codes from their tables, displaying the menu link and allowing them to select their favorite order from the mobile.

After recovering from the COVID 19 pandemic and reopening restaurants again, it has become public safety to use e-menus to reduce friction. In addition to that, the electronic menu provides the customer with more videos and photos to visualize his order.

  • Open the Camera app. This may be done from the Home screen, the Lock screen, or the Control Center.
  • Point your smartphone at the QR code, and the code will show on your screen. Just like every other time you snap a photo.
  • When your smartphone recognizes the QR code, it will display a notification at the top of the screen.
  • When you click on this message, you’ll be able to see the information connected with the QR code.
  • Many websites now provide ways to design an e-menu or speed response code. But the problem is that they are short-lived, as they deteriorate quickly to make your refuge to the intervention of a technical company in the end.

    Therefore, we recommend dealing with a technical company from the beginning to ensure the level of service.

  • I will answer this question through what Layouti Group offers because we provide maintenance and technical support for 6 months after purchasing the menu system. We are also committed to providing the necessary updates to the system every three months.

The full package is the purchase of the menu system for restaurants, and our company does not have to interfere in anything other than maintenance for a period of 6 months.

The subscription package is to benefit from all the features of the menu system for restaurants in return for a monthly subscription, as it is a rental for the system.

Yes, the system is designed with great flexibility. You can add the features that you like, but at a value that is added to the price of the system, whether it is in the full package or the subscription package.

Indeed, there is a term in the contract that states that all financial data entered into the menu system is withheld from the company and has not been viewed.

We have an offer that you can subscribe to the package in the first month for 350 AED instead of 500 AED and get a month for free.

Don’t hesitate to contact us!